The Quality of Primary Care in Rural China

Series of studies using unannounced standardized patients (SPs), clinical vignettes, and other methods to measure and analyze the determinants of primary care quality in rural China.

Nudging Primary Care Providers into Expanding the Labor Force for Opioid Use Disorder in North Carolina

NIH-funded study testing behavioral economics "nudges" and incentives to encourage providers in North Carolina to provide medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opiod use disorder.

Online Markets for Medical Advice in China

National survey and quality evaluation of platforms providing direct-to-consumer telemedicine services (patient-initiated consultations) in China through videoconference, telephone, or SMS.

Parenting in Rural China

Series of studies looking at parenting practices and the determinants of early childhood development in rural China. The aims of this project are to (1) document the state of early childhood outcomes; (2) identify key determinants of early development and (3) develop scalable interventions to support rural parents.

Standardized Patients to Measure and Address Intersectional Stigma

NIH-funded study to develop a standardized patient (SP) approach for measuring stigma enacted by healthcare providers (discrimination) toward patients based on HIV status and sexual orientation.